Cozmo Clench

The participating teams must build a manually ​controlled gripper bot (wired or wireless) which ​can grip objects and put them in target zones ​while overcoming the hurdles in the path with ​minimum time.


Teams must build a line follower bot that can ​keep track of directions while going through a ​maze. It must analyze the path in the Dry Run and ​use this information in the Actual Run to traverse ​the maze to reach the ending point in the ​minimum possible time.


Teams are required to unravel real-life issues ​through coding. Participants should tackle the ​most significant conceivable questions in ​indicated time interim in the most proficient way. ​The programming aptitudes of members would ​be tested in this competition.

Techfest Olympiad

Techfest Olympiad presents students with a ​platform to develop and showcase their scientific ​and practical life problem-solving skills. All ​participants have to solve the maximum number ​of questions in a specified time interval to ​compete with the brightest minds of the country. ​Only Standard 8th, 9th, and 10th students are ​eligible to participate.

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